Steve Greiner
Senior Vice President

As Senior Vice President, Steve is responsible for the business development and growth of HDS.  With more than 22 years of healthcare experience and 15 years of dedicated IT experience in healthcare, Steve understands the criticality of uncovering and meeting the strategic needs of each of his clients.  During his tenure, he’s discovered that in a market where every hospital is unique with dynamic needs, the key success factor in successfully achieving Healthcare IT milestones depends on the strength of each individual contributor.  Knowing this will help hospitals avoid the financial and clinical impact that “false starts” can cause.

Understanding the risk of engaging mismatched talent is crucial to fully identifying the attributes, both technically and personally, that drive success in every HIT organization. At HDS, our collective experience in implementation cycles, upgrades, legacy support, integration, and project management gives our clients the confidence and piece-of-mind of obtaining the RIGHT FIT at the RIGHT TIME.