HDS has partnered with MedFirst Consulting to provide quality Go-Live support to ensure your EMR implementation is a success. The HDS/ MedFirst team delivers an approach that reflects the combined deep understanding of the healthcare industry and the pressures and costs that an EMR implementation can place on a healthcare organization.

HDS_MedFirst Partnership Logo

Detailed planning prior to the Go-Live event sets the tone for the success of the project. The HDS/MedFirst team will tour your facility and meet with your staff, allowing us to provide the best match of resources for your specific needs. Strategic decisions on how daily functions will be minimally impacted and a project timeline will be established. This critical step ensures adequate staffing and project management. HDS/MedFirst actively recruits and hires the most highly skilled consultants to provide on-site support across your organization. The clinicians and technical analysts are selected based on your needs and the team is specifically tailored to your culture and departments.

In addition to your on-site implementation support team, an experienced, dedicated Go-Live Project Manager is also available 24×7 to provide immediate backup support and functions as the “go-to” person onsite for all questions, logistics, and issue resolution. A fast response system is in place to ensure that questions or concerns are escalated to the proper level and change management is implemented across the project. Specialized nurses are also an integral part of the team and are placed in specialty areas, allowing your staff to develop a quick rapport with the consultants.

HDS/MedFirst understands that patient care is your most important focus which is why we strive to help your clinical staff minimize the disruption in daily workflow and the challenges of EMR implementation. Once your EMR system is in place and operating successfully, the focus of the project moves to administration and making sure the system is providing the desired benefits with minimal disruption. Our consultants remain on-site following the Go-Live date to work with your team to evaluate workflow, and help optimize the usability of the EMR system.